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Black’oz: a new adventure with your eyes closed.
Do you want to discover Paris from a new angle ? Experience a moment for sharing, wellbeing and getaway, full of laughter, whether it is with your partner, family or friends.
Become the new adventurers of this out of the ordinary experience ! While your sight is temporarily taken away from you, you will challenge your opponents through a series of unique tasks more challenging than the others:
Paris by Black’oz : discover the streets and monuments of Paris with your adventurer’s guide, experience the capital with all your senses, enjoy a pure moment of meditation, spice up your shopping spree: these are the challenges you will experience for around 2 hours. Three formulas to satisfy all your desires: family stroll; relaxation route; special monuments and shopping.
Black ’in : 1 hour long adventure specially designed for indoor experience (whether at home or in a hotel) become the adventurers and be ready to experience surprising sensations and share moments of laughter.

Kunden Freizeitgruppen, Zielgruppe Einzelpersonen, Geschäftsgruppen
Beschreibung der Geschäftsgruppen
Plan a professional event within a company to boost team life, strengthen links and promote well-being at work.
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Gesprochene Sprachen

  • englisch

Art der Führung

  • Rundgänge, Viertel
  • Themenrundgänge
  • Nach Maß

Details zum Themenrouten

3 versions : un parcours thématique de visite des monuments et shopping; un circuit axé sur la détente et la nature ( parcs ); un circuit famille avec activités accessibles aux plus jeunes

Thema der Führung

  • Architekturt, Städtebau
  • Schatzjagd, Schnitzeljagd, Fluchtspiel


  • zu Fuß

Besuchszeiten: Adventurers' choice

Preisbeispiele: Black'in : €19.99 for a group of 2 to 6 people; Paris by Black'oz: €25 for a group of 2 to 6 people; customized: over 6 people

Akzeptierte Zahlungsweisen

  • CB/Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard
  • Amex

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75 Paris

Angebot angepasst für Personen mit Behinderung

  • Körperbehinderung Körperbehinderung

Informationen über die Zugänglichkeit

Motor disability:
- For visits on foot, at least one circuit adapted to wheelchair users (without steps in particular).

Art der Führung: Incentives

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