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Busity is the city guide of tomorrow: mobile, geolocated, audio and collaborative (and also… free)

We bet that you will visit the city using the public buses. Enjoy an original and geolocated (re)discovery of the real Paris. Explore and get a feel for the city while using the public bus lines and listening locals.

+ Visit the city using the city bus: the bus is the perfect choice, faster than your legs, more enjoyable than the underground, and cheaper than taxis! We’ve designed the app around the bus, but you can also use it while you are walking or riding a bicycle, in a taxi, on a segway, etc. Whatever works best for you!

+ Immersive audio content: 30 seconds of audio per sight, just enough to pique your interest. Each audio track comes with a text and pictures carefully chosen to illustrate your surroundings, for a full immersive experience.

+ Endearing and collaborative editorial policy: the best sights found and described by true Parisians.

+ A great range of places to reflect the soul of the city: museums and theaters of course, but above all stylish restaurants, trendy pubs, concept stores, green spaces or even street art areas, and much much more!

+ Data and maps are available offline
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75 Paris

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