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Veronica Antonelli – Artiste soliste lyrique

NC - 75 Paris


Organization of itinerant concerts in the monuments, from site to site in a borough or in a museum or a "bang" for opening sites, offering a journey through the heritage of Paris.

The lyrical art in which people reveal their soul through the famous lyrical tunes interpreted by the a cappella soprano has created a concept called "Monuments Enchanted." The soprano is a way between the monument and the public and highlights the invisible element: its acoustics. In Paris, currently "Montmartre: a soprano to guide", "The museum on air operetta" with the Museum of Montmartre, "Montmartre feminine" with the Museum of Montmartre, "Seine Enchanted", "Louvre enchanted" and "Marais enchanted."
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Gesprochene Sprachen

  • englisch
  • griechisch
  • italienisch
  • französisch

Art der Führung

  • Rundgänge, Viertel
  • Museen und Monumente
  • Themenrundgänge
  • Nach Maß


  • zu Fuß
  • Ausflug auf Anfrage und/oder privat im Bus/Kleinbus

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Veronica Antonelli – Artiste soliste lyrique

75 Paris

Angebot angepasst für Personen mit Behinderung

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Informationen über die Zugänglichkeit

Monuments Enchantés is a concept that lets people with visual disabilities appreciate the entire monument thanks to the voice of the artist which resonates throughout the building.
People with hearing disabilities experience vibrations in the thorax from the voice.
Veronica Antonelli is laureate of three prizes in relation to her mediation for disabled people: "Prix Handiculture de la Médiation 2013", "Prix Ecureuil et Solidarité 2014", "Prix de la Fondation de France 2015", for her performance "Monuments Enchantés les yeux fermés".

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