Je suis Charlie

Following the tragic attack carried out yesterday morning, the City of Paris is taking action to ensure the security.

Following the tragic attacks carried out on January 7th, 8th and 9th 2015, the City of Paris is working more actively than ever for the security of Parisians and visitors.

The Government reacted immediately and specified in a press release that an interministerial crisis unit had been set up deploying 6 state security police force units and squadrons of the mobile gendarmerie as additional back-up to the 10 already present in the French capital. All places, in particular tourist attractions, requiring extra protection, are included in these measures and in the ‘Plan Vigipirate’ (France’s national security alert system that strengthens security against terrorist attacks); this alert system has been raised to its highest level to ensure optimal security.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau joins with the City of Paris authorities and all tourism professionals to denounce these terrible attacks, to express its solidarity to the families of victims and to assure visitors to Paris that every effort is being made to ensure their safety.

On Sunday January 11th 2015, the rallying of Parisians for unity, along with people at their side from around the world, has made Paris the capital of the world. This exceptionally massive gathering has expressed a very strong sense of solidarity and unity in relation to  the values of human rights and freedom of expression. This is the Paris that awaits you.

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