The Paris of the Parisians

When the daily life of Parisians crosses paths with that of the tourists!

Whether it is your first trip to Paris or your second, you may want to get to know the Paris of the Parisians! After visiting the capital’s Top attractions, why not take a look at some of the favourite spots of Parisians: districts where they stroll at the weekend, parks where they picnic, their favourite cafe terraces for breakfast or an aperitif, etc.

Meeting Parisians

Village des Peupliers Paris

To find out about all these great ideas, there is nothing better than meeting Parisians.
Another way of meeting Parisians is to go and have a meal at their home with VizEat! A great way to taste French cooking and meet local people.
You can also book a room with Trampolinn and share moments with your Parisian hosts.

Discover another Paris

Explore the Paris of the Parisians, districts full of charm and typical Parisian lifestyle, away from the great classics that you already know. To do this independently, the Paris City Council has created the application Balades Paris Durables (Available in English).
And there are plenty of Parisians and tour guides, full of enthusiasm about their city, if you prefer to have a guided visit. Meet them, ask them all your questions, and let them guide you!

Alternative places and activities

In 2017, the 1st edition of the Welcome Awards awarded prizes to alternative places and activities in Paris that are familiar to Parisians but little known to tourists. The CIWY ambassadors, the company organizing the event, carried out secret visits to candidate venues and verified the practice of foreign languages. 1,100 Parisians then voted to elect the finalists. Tourism professionals then named one winner per category.

So, get off the beaten track and discover these winning places visited and appreciated by Parisians!

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